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Being involved in some of the most significant technological infrastructures onboard motor yachts. Thydel believes that the success of the project starts with good planning and preparation.

Unlike others, Thydel takes it to the next step, providing detailed insights on the required Space, Power, Cooling, and Cabling tailored to the client's specifications.

This information prevents the builders from losing time and money by maintaining progress based on reliable data to advance early in the project.

Joris van der Pouw Kraan - Owner


Thydel uses specialized software to create a system design based on the client's requirements.

With the design in place, it's a few steps away from delivering a valued engineering package, including documents such as a Planview (General Arrangement), Rack Layouts, Schematics, Bill of Materials, Labeling, and Port Layouts.

Useful for your team but also your client.

For Who?

Thydel provides services for any company wanting to outsource system design/engineering by an independent subcontractor.

The main focus being on AV, IT, Communications, Security, and Event systems for Super Yachts, Cruise, and large buildings.

Don't hesitate to contact us for other types of projects.

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